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With our HQ based in Mountainside, New Jersey we cover all surrounding areas, while also providing extended service depending on your needs. Our Areas include but are not limited to:

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Wheelchair Transport

Boomerang specializes in Safe, Punctual, and Efficient Wheelchair transportation.  Our well-maintained fleet of Mobility Vehicles are fully insured and equipped with the latest safety features.  


Wheelchair passengers never have to get out of their wheelchair as they are comfortably transported to their destination by our certified professional drivers. 

We strive to take care of all of our client's transportation needs and are equipped to provide group and individual transport on a one-time or recurring basis.  We also provide transportation for children for after-school activities, events, etc.


Rates will vary depending on location and mileage. 

Livery/Group Transport

Besides Wheelchair and Livery transportation, our drivers are specifically trained and certified to transport people with special needs that require a higher level of attention and care while being safely transported.

Special Needs